The Vanderzee-Harper House | A Staten Island Historical Home

Posted by Tom Crimmins Realty on Wednesday, February 14th, 2018 at 3:32pm.

The Vanderzee- Harper House is located at 327 Westervelt Avenue, in the St. George area of Staten Island. The house was built circa 1887 in the Queen Anne style with Shingle style details. After purchasing the property which the house now sits on, Margaret Shields and her husband Gordon Doane Vanderzee maintained ownership until 1920, followed by occupancy of renters and later the family of Thomas Harper. Harper owned the home for over twenty-five years, therefore why he is acknowledged in the house's name. Although the Vanderzee's remained owners until 1920, they relocated to Philadelphia in 1895, five years after the birth of their son.The house was officially designated a landmark by the Landmarks Preservation Commission on August 11, 2009 . Recently the home was restored, however many of its original historic features remain untouched. 

This house is a combination of a Queen Anne and Shingle style residence, two styles that were prevalent during the time. The house includes a beautiful 3 story tower, and bay window projections, which are perfect for taking in the lovely view. Other nice touches include the multi-light and stained glass windows, as well as the tall, decorative masonry chimney. 

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