The Importance of Community Organizations

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Why Are Community Organizations Important?

Organizations are important for your community because they focus each community's needs specifically. These organizations are the gateway to voice your opinion to government organizations. Community based organizations make improvements at a family level according to your environment. More transportation, housing, environmental protection, emergency response and petitions are issues each community addresses. Attending community board meetings will help you create relationships with others in your neighborhood and create a tight knit community, and a tight knit community  can benefit everyone in the neighborhood and can keep small businesses going, as well as preserving historical significance, safety, and keeping your neighborhood clean. At the community meetings, members of the community as well as yourself, can voice opinions and concerns to help find solutions and push for new ideas and changes that can improve your neighborhood. It's your community, and the change can start with you. 

Staten Island may be small compared to Manhattan, but their are many different communities within Staten Island, having dozens of Community based organizations that help preserve Staten Island as well as educate the community in first response situations and create a better living environment. Some of these organizations include:


Port Richmond Community Emergency Response Team

Founded in 1985 in California, It wasn't until 2003 was it started in NYC. This organization is funded through the citizen corps program to the states and territory grants. They train the community in basic first response drills and basic first aid. Some of the drills are search & rescue, medical, disaster preparedness, home safety, and emergency pet care. Team Chief and President John Tidona is a first class sergeant in the military, having over 15 years experience in managing different aspects of first response, and he organizes some of the drills to be practiced. This basic training can be helpful when you are in one of these situations and are waiting for certified first responders, but still need to act fast. 

West Brighton Community Local development Corporation

Founded in 1981, this organization provides programs to assist new entrepreneurs and existing businesses. They encourage individual and economical growth on Staten Island. The Executive director is Ami Dar who also created a team of Idealist. Not Only do they help out community businesses, but also finds solutions for civic problems in the community.

New Dorp Central Civic Association

Founded in 1976 this organization is managed by Joseph E. Markowski. Their goal is to protect and improve the community of New Dorp through meetings and informative events.     

St George Civic Association

As many know, St George is an up-and-coming area on Staten Island, with the new Ferris Wheel under construction and the commerical/residential development, not to mention the transportation that the Staten Island Ferry provides for commuters. The St George Civic Association aids in the growth and development of St George. They consider school safety, transportation ,recreational and retail amenities. They conduct meetings with the 120th precinct as well.

Westerleigh Improvement Society

The Westerleigh improvement society has meetings the first Tuesday of every month. They work with the 120th precinct as well to talk about safety within the community. They have frequent newsletters about society projects and issues. When something new happens in the community they make sure to get in touch with every member to inform them.

Iron Hills Civic Association

This organization covers parts of Todt Hill and Dogan Hills Colony. The president is Dr. Mohammad Khalid. It was founded in 1964. Iron Hills used to be the name of this area because of the many iron mines that were active in that area. The community meets 4 times a year to accommodate everyone's busy schedule. Along with discussing civic matters they are very involved with charities as well. 

Todt Hill Civic Association

Our very own Suzanne Crimmins, owner of ,Tom Crimmins Realty, is on the board of directors, and one of our agents, Sallyanne Mafi, is also a member of the Todt Hill Civic Association.  They aided in the Deere Park clean up and improvement. They also were able to get a left turn signal from Ocean Terrace to Todt Hill Rd. The community discusses crime, security, traffic roads, zoning sewers, building issues, and environmental concerns. They also conduct meetings with government representatives.

Mudlane Society For the Renaissance of Historical Stapleton

Founded in 1977, this organization protects historical landmarks in Stapleton and helps maintain them. Our very own associate broker James Murphy is a member and website sponsor of this organization.

Tottenville Historical Society

The director Linda Cutler Hauck helps preserve the history and culture of Tottenville. Fun Fact: Tottenville is home to the largest known  Native American Indian burial ground in the metropolitan area. Known as Burial Ridge, this protected site is located within Conference House Park.

Decker Ave Civic Association

Founded in 1946 and part of the Community Board 1, which is The North Shore. They discuss issues in the community.

There are over 150 different Civic Organizations in Staten Island some of which are:

Bay Plaza Gardens, Bay Street Landing Homeowners, Beechwood Block Association , Brooks Pond Civic , Cassidy Lafayette Tenants , Clove Lakes Civic, Clove Way Homeowners Association, Cottages Hill Neighborhood Corp., Decker Avenue Civic , Elm Park Civic , Elvin Garden Manor Block Association , Fairview Gardens Avenue, Friends of North Shore Greenbelt, Fox Hills Tenants, Latino Civic, Livingston CommunityManor Civic , Mariners Harbor Civic, Meadowbrook Park Homeowners , Mosel Avenue Civic , Mud Lane Society for the Renaissance of Stapleton, New Brighton Civic, Port Richmond Civic , Randall Manor Civic , Richmond Terrace Tenant , Rosebank Homeowners and Tenants , Silver Lake Civic, Simrose Terrace Civic , Sklyline Drive Homeowners , Snug Harbor East Civic , South Avenue Homeowners, St. George Civic, Stapleton Civilian Observation Patrol , Stapleton Community Residents for Area Preservation (SCRAP) , Stapleton Tenants, Stapleton Park Homeowners , Staten Island Housing Unit Police/Tenant Council, Staten Island Civic, Staten Island Minority Civic, Tappen Homeowners , Thompson Street, Tompkinsville Improvement Society, Van Duzer Street, Ward-Nixon Association, Inc., West Brighton Restoration, Westerleigh Improvement Society , Adams Civic Association , Astronaut Village Civic, Berry Tenants Civic, Cameron Club of Staten Island, Inc., Cameron Lake Civic, Chestnut Hill Civic, Coalition for the South Beach Park Pond Preserve, Committee for the Greenbelt, Concord Civic , Dongan Hills Improvement Society , Dongan Hills United Civic , Elmwood Park Condo, Elmwood Park Condo II, Emerson Hill Civic , Foxwood Run Condo, Foxwood Square Condo I, Foxwood Square Condo III , Gateway New Dorp Civic, Grant City Civic , Grant City Merchants Association, Grasmere Civic , Heartland Village Civic , High Rock Civic , Historic Richmond Town , Iron Hills Civic , Iron Mine Civic, Lewiston-Shale Homeowners, Lighthouse Hill Civic, Lillie Lane Homeowners, Mid-Island Civic , Midland Beach Civic , New Dorp Central Civic , New Dorp Grant Civic, Ocean Breeze/Graham Beach Civic, Old Town Civic , Pondside Greens Homeowners , Richmondtown/Clark Civic , Rockland Hills Condominium, Roosevelt Gardens Homeowners , Rustic Woods Condo , St. Sylvesters Church Community Action Committee , Sandy Ground Historical, Saybrook Street Block, SI Merchants , South Beach Civic , Staten Island Civic, Sunset/Bradley Avenue Block , Todt Hill Civic, Todt Hill Tenants , Travis Civic, Victory Boulevard Homeowners , Westport Homeowners, Wellbrook Avenue Block , Wheeler Avenue Block , Willowbrook Residents, Woodmont Homeowners , Amber Homeowners Association, Inc. , Annadale Merchants Association , Arbutus Willows Homeowners , Atlantic Village Homeowners , Bay Terrace Homeowners, Butler Manor Civic, Captains Quarters Homeowners , Civic Association of Sandy Ground Area, Charleston Civic, Cleveland Avenue Residents, Col-Brook Civic , Conference House Association , Conference House Association , COPPS, Crabtree Avenue Homeowners , Crescent Beach Civic (Coalition for Great Kills Harbor Park) , East Tenafly Avenue Block, Elmwood at Treetop Homeowners , Eltingville Homeowners , Englewood Manor Homowners , Equestrian Friends of Clay Pit Park Inc. , Farrell Court Homeowners, Fawn Ridge Homeowners, Friends of Bloomingdale Park , Friends of Blue Heron Park, Friends of Clay Pit Pond Preserve Inc., Giffords Civic, Great Kills/Hylan Boulevard Civic,Highland Road/Dent Road Civic , Huguenot Heights Civic , Huguenot Preservation Civic, Jacks Pond Civic , Jansen Court Homeowners, Johanna Lane , Joint Mid-Island Civic , Katan At Arthur Kill, Madsen Avenue Homeowners, Nancy Lane Block,Neighbors of Bay Terrace , New Dorp Central Civic, Nob Hill, Northbrook Homeowners , Northern Great Kills Civic , Our Annadale Community , Oakwood Civic , Park Village Homeowners, Pelican Circle Homeowners, Pleasant Plains/Princes Bay/Richmond Valley Civic, Princes Bay Residents, Rensselaer Avenue Homeowners , Richmondtown Civic , Rossville Homeowners Association, Sandy Ground Historical Society , Sarcona Court Homeowners , Sharrotts Crossing Homeowners , Southeast Annadale Woodlands ,Staten Island Civic, Staten Island Horsemens , Staten Island Taxpayers ,Staten Island Taxpayers/Great Kills , Station Avenue Homeowners,Sweetbrook Neighborhood Homeowners, Sycamore Civic, The Glen At Great Kills, Tottenville Civic, Tottenville Historical Society , Turn Around Friends Inc. , Village Greens Residents , Wilson Avenue Civic , Winant Avenue Homeowners , Woodbrooke Homeowners , Woodrow Woods Homeowners Association 


Different neighborhoods are separated into 3 Boards; To find out what board your community is in, check below:

Community Board 1

Arlington, Castleton Corners, Clifton, Concord, Elm Park, Fort Wadsworth, Graniteville, Grymes Hill, Livingston, Mariners Harbor, Meiers Corners, New Brighton, Port Ivory, Port Richmond, Randall Manor, Rosebank, St. George, Shore Acres, Silver Lake, Stapleton, Sunnyside, Tompkinsville, West Brighton, Westerleigh

Community Board 2
Neighborhoods: Arrochar, Bloomfield, Bulls Heads, Chelsea, Dongan Hills, Egbertville, Emerson Hill, Grant City, Grasmere, High Rock, Lighthouse Hill, Midland Beach, New Dorp, New Springville, Oakwood, Ocean Breeze, Old Town, Richmondtown, South Beach, Todt Hill, and Travis
Community Board 3
Neighborhoods: Annadale, Arden Heights, Bay Terrace, Charleston, Eltingville, Great Kills, Greenridge, Huguenot, Pleasant Plains, Prince's Bay, Richmondtown, Richmond Valley, Rossville, Tottenville, and Woodrow

 If you are thinking about moving to Staten Island, and your curious as to which community would be right for you, stop by Tom Crimmins Realty at any of our three locations, or call us at (718) 370- 3200. We won't just find you the home of your dreams, but also the community that will grow with you and your new home for the years to come!

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