The Goethals Bridge Replacement Project

Posted by Tom Crimmins Realty, Ltd. on Friday, February 10th, 2017 at 1:00pm.

Goethals bridge replacement projectThe Goethals Bridge has been helping those living in Staten Island and New Jersey to commute back and forth since its opening on June 29, 1928. Now, with construction on route to replacing the aging Goethals bridge, this will be the city's first new crossing in 50 years.

How does the New Structure Compare to the Old?

Unlike the old cantilever structure, the new construction of the Goethals Bridge consists of twin spans rising south of the current structure. Similar to other replacement bridges being built, the engineers decided to use cable-stayed spans for this new bridge. Another new feature of this bridge are the road-supporting cables which fan out diagonally from central anchor pylons as well as the pylons themselves which will now be V-shaped. As for the spans, they will consist of three 12 foot wide in each direction, with a 12 foot wide outer shoulder and 5 foot wide inner shoulder. Additionally, on the northern span, there will be a 10 foot wide pedestrian and bike lane, which will make going from Staten Island to New Jersey much more accessible, as well as providing something entertaining to do on a nice day.

Benefits of this Replacement Bridge

With the completion of this bridge projected to be in late 2018, it offers many benefits to not only those in Staten Island and Jersey but all over. According to The Port Authority, on top of the estimated cost of $1.5 billion for the bridges construction, it is expected that the construction phase will create about 2,250 direct jobs paying $224 million in wages and generate $872 million in economic activity in the region. Though a huge investment, with the increased vehicle capacity, decreased driver hazards, and elimination of small constant repairs due to old age will make this worthwhile.

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