Susan E. Wagner High School

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Susan E. Wagner High School is a public school located at 1200 Manor Road on Staten Island. The school is run by the New York State Department of Education. On average, the school has about 3,000 students. The school have several hundreds students then it used to so the classroom size are pushed to 34 students. However, despite the crowding room, the school does well on city's wide for their good attendance and high graduation rate.

Wagner's school colors are Navy and White and a mascot of the Falcon. Wagner has numerous programs, such as The Law And Politics program, The Hospitality and Tourism program, the Scholars Academy, Air Force Junior ROTC, Honors Academy, SING and Media Arts.

If you know how to play an instrument, then this school is for you. The school has the largest marching band in New York City, with over 150 members.

If you love Arts, then this school is great for your taste. This school is one of the few high schools on Staten Island that contain Arts as a major. The school has a new beautiful performing arts center (it was featured in Architect magazine). It also features a black box theater and music and dance studios. The theater program produces large-scale musicals—with complex sets built in the carpentry shop, and actors in full costume—such as Les Miserables, Grease and Gypsy, and dramas like Brighton Beach Memoirs.

Every child learns things at their own pace. Wagner accommodates children who learn at different speeds and work to help them. Most classes include students with a range of academic abilities, but teachers frequently break classes into groups according to skill level or different level so the students can learn from each other. Classrooms used to be traditional with desks in rows with the instructor at the front. But in today society, desks are now facing one another so students can engage in discussions and instead of teachers teaching, the students can help one another with difficulties they find in the lesson.

The school also provide Saturday program for students who did not pass Regents exams or need extra help.

In school surveys, it shows that most students feel safe in school. They swipe their identification cards when they enter the cafeteria and then sign out if they wish to go to the bathroom. There is no harsh tolerance for lateness, and deans patrol hallways making sure students get to class on time.

Wagner has a widely praised college and career office with a full-time counselor and two other staff members. The counselor and the staff members are there to help the students in need or need a person to talk to. They help the students with college and life. Around 75 percent of Wagner graduates go on to college, with four-year SUNY and CUNY schools the most popular choices.

Former Wagner history teacher David Cugini took over as principal in 2017, when longtime principal Gary Giordano retired. Don't look down on him. Cugini has also worked as assistant principal at Gaynor McCown Expeditionary Learning School so he knows what he is doing.

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