Staten Island SoCo (South of Congress)

Posted by on Saturday, August 15th, 2015 at 10:45am.

The SIABC building at 73 Wave Street, owned by John Salis, provides the ability for members and community artists to showcase their artwork.  On Friday, August 7th,  Marlene Mead and James Murphy from Tom Crimmins Realty attended Urban Narratives.  Sculptor Judy Hogentobler – Impressionist Painter Rachel Sanchez & Graffiti Artist Painter MELINEL showcased their works to be displayed thru October 3.  To the left is Kelley’s Stapleton Studio and Gallery which is packed with stained-glass art – some of it personal work for sale and other pieces under restoration for clients.  A short commute from NYC, just South of Congress Street, the mission of SIABC is to provide a nest for local and migrating artists in NYC.  

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