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Posted by Tom Crimmins Realty on Monday, May 6th, 2019 at 2:52pm.

Tom Crimmins Realty Presents $1000 To P.S. 53

P.S. 53January 29th, 2019, marked the the beginning of the, first ever, "Tom Crimmins Realty - $1000 School Spirit Giveaway!" It was a social media contest devised by the realty firm to give any school's athletic program on Staten Island (excluding High School and Colleges) an opportunity to win $1000. Tom Crimmins Realty began this contest with two goals in mind - to promote school spirit, and connectivity within the schools, as well as, to promote a sense of community around Staten Island. Judging by the results of the contest, it would be safe to say that their goals were reached. The Facebook and Instagram competition, which could've been found on the company's respective social media pages (@Tomcrimminsrealty), reached an outstanding number of people. By the contest's conclusion, approximately 7,000 people were reached and nearly 300 comments were posted.The contest was able to spread so vastly all because of the competiive drive of those who live in Staten Island. Those who participated wanted to see their schools win, so, in order to help with that, they quickly spread the word to friends and family.


The "Tom Crimmins Realty - $1000 School Spirit Giveaway" witnessed the participation of over 30 schools across the Island, from grades K-8th and it didn't matter whether it was a Public, Catholic, Charter, or specialized school. All were welcomed if they abided by the contest Rules.  The rules were simple.

The school that compiled the most likes, comments, and likes to the Tom Crimmins Realty Facebook page and post was the winner. There were quite a few schools who did very well, but it was P.S. 53 that began separating itself throughout the contest. Totaling 53 "points" and nearly doubling the score of the second place school, P.S. 53 was able to win the $1000 and become the first ever "Tom Crimmins Realty - $1000 School Spirit Giveaway" Winner.


On May 6th, 2019, Suzanne and Tom Crimmins, owners of Tom Crimmins Realty were welcomed by members of the P.S. 53 staff and student-body, as well as, Borough President, James Oddo, to join in on the unveiling of their new gymnasium and auditorium. It was a project that gained much of its funding from James Oddo, and his team, and after much anticipation, the day had finally come for them to unveil their new facility. It was a ceremony that Tom Crimmins Realty was happy to be apart of and it was decided that the money donated by Suzanne and Tom will be used to purchase the athletic equipment needed to fill the new gymnasium.


As mentioned before, this contest was started by Tom Crimmins Realty for two reasons: to showcase school spirit amongst the different schools and to spread a sense of community amongst Staten Island. Suzanne and Tom, understand what it is that makes Staten Island so unique and it's is no secret to those who live and call themselves "Staten Islanders" what that unique quality is-- COMMUNITY! They understand that the, so-called, "Forgotten Borough" is one rich with families and friends that all look after one another. So, yes, at Tom Crimmins Realty they do aid in helping people buy and sell their homes, but they understand, moreso, that without making the communities surrounding those homes better and creating a "better" Staten Island," they would be out of a job. So, that's what Tom Crimmins Realty's mission is: to help you buy or sell your house quickly and seamlessy, but also to make sure that the community surrounding your house is a place worth living in. A place all Staten Islanders can call "HOME."

This will not be ther last contest the Criimmins Family will host, in fact, Suzanne and Tom have said that their will be another contest in the near future revolving around all charities. So, if you, or anyone you know has a chairty that would love to take part in one of their contest, moving forward, then tell them to click here so that they can follow the status of those contests on the Tom Crimmins Realty Facebook Page.

If you would wish for Tom Crimmins Realty to help you buy, or sell, your home in the Staten Island/ Brooklyn then the number to reach them is (718) 370-3200, or you could visit their website

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