The Staten Island Railroad

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Accessibility is a huge consideration when choosing a home. Although there is no place like home, you want the security of knowing you can run errands, go to work, or school with ease, even without a car. Luckily for Staten Islanders, this borough is all about easy transit. Besides the very commonly used MTA buses, there is also the SIR or Staten Island Railroad.

What is the Staten Island Railroad (SIR)?

The SIR is a rapid transit system that runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, comparable the the MTA subway system. However, the SIR is an elevated train, allowing you to get a gorgeous view of Richmond County during your trip. Trains every 15 minutes during rush hour, with both local and express service available, which runs non stop from Great Kills to St.George. During the evening and holidays it runs every 30 minutes. Luckily for Manhattan commuters, all of the railroad's trips to St. George are coordinated with ferry times, making morning and evening work commutes a breeze. 


The Staten Island Railroad (SIR) was first incorporated into Richmond County in 1851, after residents of the Island as well as those from Perth, Amboy petitioned for a train that rain from the northern tip of the island to the south. This would connect the neighborhoods of Stapleton to Tottenville. In 1860, the project was complete and featured stations at various other neighborhoods, including Eltingville and Annadale. The railroad was privately owned at the time, which caused some conflict with profit and connection with other infrastructure, like an interstate bridge and an inter-borough tunnel. However, none of these ideas fell through and the train remained in its regular cross-borough route. During the 1940's, the train made a small profit from moving freight and other World War II traffic which assisted in paying off the train's construction debt. All East Coast military-hospital trains were handled by the SIRT during the war, and some trains stopped at Staten Island's Arlington station to transfer wounded soldiers to a large military hospital. Leading up to modern times, fare from Tompkinsville to Tottenville was eliminated in 1997, making the SIR free to ride any stop before the ferry. There was fear the fare elimination would cause a dangerous increase in riders, but the train has managed to stay safe and orderly. 

Train Stops

Today the train has 20 stops, allowing for easy access from anywhere. The SIR stops at the following stations:  

St. George





Old Town

Dongan Hills

Jefferson Ave

Grant City

New Dorp

Oakwood Heights

Bay Terrace

Great Kills




Prince's Bay

Pleasant Plains

Richmond Valley 

Arthur Kill


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