Staten Island Home Statistics

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Based off of the U.S. Census, here are some Staten Island statistics that relate to the Staten Island real estate market.

Area with the most multi-family housing:

The 10301 Zip Code has the most multi-family housing, including developments along the St. George and Stapleton waterfront. Only 10 percent of the homes in 10301 are single-family, detached, owner-occupied homes.

The borough's most diverse neighborhoods:

Some of the borough's most diverse neighborhoods are found in the 10304 Zip Code. More than a quarter of the residents in Stapleton, Clifton, Concord and Rosebank speak a language other than English at home, with Spanish, Italian, Chinese and Russian topping the list.

Area with the largest number of single-family homes: 

The most one-family, owner-occupied homes can be found in the 10312 Zip Code. At least 80 percent of the housing in neighborhoods such as Eltingville, Annadale, Huguenot, Prince's Bay and Arden Heights are single-family detached or duplex.

Population growth:

Staten Island had the smallest rate of population growth in the five boroughs. The borough added only 1,257 new residents in the last year, amounting to a .25 percent growth rate, for a total population of 475,124.

Population of the borough by Zip Code:

10314 10312 10306 10304 10305 10301 10309 10308 10310 10303 10302 10307
 87,534  61,105 54,888  41,864  41,471  39,367  33,382 29,805 24,719 24,348  18,043 15,006 

Originally posted in Staten Island Advance on April 24, 2016

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