A detailed timeline following the history of Staten Island from the first inhabitants to modern day society.

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In one of the most lavish neighborhoods on Staten Island, Grymes Hill, Casa Belvedere resides there as a cultural inspiration. Previously just a 100 year old home built for prominent members of New York (the granddaughters of the Brooklyn Bridge builder, Louis and Laura Stirn) it has been transformed into an Italian cultural center. Constructed in 1908 the three acre estate was just one of the beautiful homes that were scattered on Staten Island, including the Vanderbilt home not so far from it. Today it has been renamed Casa Belvedere which means “house with a beautiful view” which is arguably perfectly fitting since it has a breath taking view of the New York Harbor as well as the Verrazano Bridge. The home has been a New York City historic landmark

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The Alice Austen House, also known as Clear Comfort, is nestled in Rosebank at 2 Hylan Boulevard. It received its name from Alice Austen, one of America's earliest and most accomplished women photographers.

History Behind The Alice Austen House

Originally, this home was built as a one room Dutch farmhouse, but was saved from demolition in the 1960s. The home, built in the 1690s, was purchased by John Haggerty Austen, Alice Austen's Grandfather. Circa 1725, the room that became the present parlor was added, and at mid century, the dining room/kitchen wing was constructed. Throughout this 25 year period which John Austen took to restore the home, he was able to alter the original home into a Victorian Gothic cottage. In the late 1860s is when the

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This Greek Revival structure lies on the South Shore of the island, located at 441 Seguine Avenue. The home received its name from James Seguine who purchased the land which the mansion sits on between 1780 and 1786. Seguine Avenue and Seguine Point in Princes Bay were also named after this family's ancestors which first settled on Staten Island in 1706.

History Behind The Seguine Mansion

The Seguine Mansion was first built around 1840 by James Seguine's Grandson, Joseph Seguine. Joseph not only operated the family's prosperous oyster-harvesting business, but he also founded the Staten Island Oil and Candle-making Company, and owned extensive farmland. Even after Joseph's death, the house remained in the family until 1868 when financial difficulties

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Staten Island is one of the five boroughs of New York and is divided into three main areas, the North Shore, Mid-Island, and the South Shore. Similarly to the North Shore it is a very diverse area, culturally yet also realty wise too. With over twenty neighborhoods in the area, you are sure to fall in love with at least one aspect of Staten Islands Mid-Island.


In the shadows of the Verazano Bridge, Arrochar is located in the northeastern area of Staten Island, east of Hylan Boulevard, with South Beach, Fort Wadsworth, Concord, Old Town, and Dongan Hills surrounding it.

Prior to the European immigration to North America, Staten Island was home to the Lenape Native American tribe. Then once Europeans began to flood in, it wasn't until

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Tom Crimmins Realty is a Staten Island Real Estate establishment that has been branching out and growing since August of 2010. The owners Suzanne and Tom Crimmins are hard-working Staten Island natives striving for the best. They started out with one office in 2012 on Manor Road. Today, they have three offices to further convenience their clients all over Staten Island. 

One of the three locations is 304 Manor Road Staten Island, New York 10314. This is the main location of Tom Crimmins Realty is located on the North Shore. Opened in 2012, this is the first office that started it all and our closest location to the Verrazano Bridge. In the area there is Clove Lakes Park and right up the road is Victory Boulevard, a major road stretcing across the

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Located at the center of Staten Island, Historic Richmond Town is a collection of 28 landmarked original settlements of European immigrants who moved there pre, during, and after the American Revolution War. Located on 441 Clarke Avenue, you can visit the outdoor museum of Historic Richmond Town and learn about the histories of the original settlements, or just simply partake in the seasonal activities it offers


Richmond Town was originally known for being the center of business and government on Staten Island in the 1700s. The island was booming with business, bustling with blacksmiths and packed with politics. However as Staten Island became more widely known, and a New York City borough in 1898, the town was already nearing gradual

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The Staten Island Ferry is consisted of two terminals, the one on Staten Island itself and one in the downtown area of Manhattan. The one on Staten Island is named the Saint George Ferry Terminal and is located on 1 Bay Street 10301. The other terminal is called White Hall Terminal and is located at 4 Whitehall Street 10004 New York, New York. 

The Ferry runs every day, 24 hours a day and on average brings 66,000 people aboard daily. It helps connect passengers from Manhattan to Staten Island, and vice verse. Yearly it serves about 21 million passengers, 1.5 million being tourists. The 5.2 mile trip generally takes 25 minutes to travel and the ferry generally runs every half an hour, although on week days you man be able to take the express ferry which

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Staten Island is divided into three major parts; North Shore, Midland, and the South Shore. Each of which sounding exactly like what it is. The North Shore is the northern area of the island, Midland is the middle section of the island, and the South Shore is the lower region of the island. 

Contrasting to New York City's reputation of business, the lowest part of the island, South Shore is a beautiful suburban area ready for anyone, especially a family. The South Shore is home to an abundance of a whopping eleven towns. These beautiful towns offer many great aspects of living such as parks, beaches, schools, effortless transportation and much more. If you are interested in moving to one of the eleven towns due to the great locations, feel free to

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We here at Tom Crimmins Realty, hope you have a happy and safe St. Patricks Day!

This year on March 5, 2017, Staten Island held its 53rd annual St.Patrick's Day parade. This yearly commemoration of Irish culture brought together about 50,000 spectators, wearing classic green attire and indulging in Irish foods and drinks.

History of St. Patricks Day

For those who don't know, St. Patrick's Day takes place on March 17th in observance of the death of the patron saint of Ireland, St. Patrick. Originally, this day began as a religious feast, however, it has evolved into a worldwide celebration involving parades, festivals, foods, and music. The Irish have celebrated this religious holiday for over 1,000 years, as it has been the legend that St.

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Placed in the heart of St. George, at 35 Hyatt Street, St. George Theater was the most magnificent theater on Staten island when it first opened in December of 1929. It was originally used for movie showings and has since escalated to other musical productions.

The Brains Behind the Vision

Solomn Brill, the mastermind behind the St. George Theater, wanted to create a picturesque show house to challenge the competition in Manhattan. In August of 1928 Brill began work on the 2,800 seat theater which later opened in December of 1929. Solomn, of the Isle Technical Company also owned a variety of other theaters on Staten Island and at one time owned a nickelodeon, or movie theater, with William Fox of 20th Century Fox Fame. His mission for this new

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