Sports Park

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In 1907, Moritz and Elsa Glauber owned 35-acres of land. That land now consists of Sports Park, Toad Hall Playground, and Todt Hill Houses. The City obtained the property in 1958, as well as the Clove Lakes Expressway. 

"In February 1991, Parks signed a license agreement with Eagle Recreation Management for the construction and operation of a miniature golf course, batting cage, snack bar, and pro shop for a 10-year term. Playworld USA, Inc. temporarily operated the facility from the beginning of May 1998, to the very end of December 1998. The concessionaire is Staten Island Hockey. Under the terms of their contract, signed the following year, Staten Island Hockey refurbished the miniature golf course, installed new battings cage equipment, improved the snack bar, and built a regulation size, covered roller-hockey rink to meet the growing demand by local hockey leagues." (x)

Batting Cages Golf Course
Roller Hockey   

Todt Hill's passion for recreational fun is commemorated in Sports Park. Back in the 1930s, before the Staten Island Expressway was built, the Staten Island Ski Club hosted a skiing jump tournament between Todt Hill Road and Little Clove Road. The club dismembered in the beginning of World War II, when the members enlisted.

Sports Park is located on Schmidts Lane, which was named after August Schmidts. Schmidts was an honorable Islander who was large estate owner and owned Manor Brewery as well, which closed during Prohibition in the 1920s.

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