Are Interior Paint Colors Significant When it Comes to Selling Your Home?

When it comes to selling your home, something as simple as the paint colors in a listed home make a huge difference. While selling your home, you are thinking about moving to a new location as well so you may not have the disposable income to redecorate the home you are selling or simply may not even have the time. Making your home seem more appealing can be done with a fresh coat of paint on the interior. To the blind eye you may not realize how much wear and tear is done on the walls of the home, interior designers suggest that even one fresh coat of paint can help revive the look of the room and as well as masking any odors. Stated below are a few ideas that can help even raise the selling price of the property.

Soft Hues and Neutral tones are always a way to go for most. Softer hues and a new coat of paint make the house appear well-kept and give a blank canvas for prospective buyers to personalize. However, with that being said the entire home does not need to be entirely white. As it seems like a completely blank canvas and open space for the buyers to do up, it does not give a homey feel to the listed home. When buyers are faced with a fully white home, it is hard for them to envision themselves living there. They are faced with what seems like more work for the buyers to personalize the entire home which most do not have the disposable income for.


As soft and neutral tones are a way to go, the area of the listed home plays a huge role. If the home is listed in a historical part of the town you are from then staying true to the color palettes of a Victorian home from the 1800’s and 1900’s may help you sell your home better. Colors that are darker and more rich are popular and conventional in Victorian-style homes. Olives, browns, greens, dark reds, and maroon were all prevalent colors in the past. Early Victorian homes of the 1840’s into the 1870’s differ from later Victorian homes of the 1870’s into the 1900’s. Earlier Victorian homes tend to have body colors of traditional stones and earthy tones as well as being naturalistic to blend in with surroundings. The trim and sash were almost always a deeper shade of the base colors, or vice versa, if the body was darker. The body, trim, and sash were sometimes painted in three deeper hues of the same color. In later Victorian homes new pastels colors were introduced such as rose, peach, terracotta, and olive as well as sticking to the same old darker and more intense colors were incorporated in the expanded palette. The use of stark contrasts was appreciated. Color palettes of three different colors became common: one for the body, another for the trim, and a third, typically the deepest, was used for the sash.

All along Staten Island, there are plenty of historical areas such as Willowbrook, St. George, New Brighton, Stapleton Heights. The safest thing to do before putting your home on the market is to do research or ask a real estate agent for advice about the location of your home. If your listed home happens to be in a historical area, Victorian home color palettes may be the way for you to go, if not sticking to neutral and soft hues is the safest bet.

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