Shooter's Island

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Shooters Island, Courtesy of Jim.henderson

Originally a hunting preserve, George Washington turned Shooter’s Island became "a drop-off point for messages, and the place became a haven for spies" during the Revolutionary War. After the War, the island picked up industrial traffic that included storage and shipping companies.

During World War I, industries and companies that occupied the island decided to produce sensible means regarding the war. Following WWI, the manufacturing of steel cargo ships stopped, and the island became a dump for damaged vessels. In the 1960s, a local politician wanted to decimate Shooter’s Island to make ship navigation easier.

However, the proposal never passed and with the help of the Clean Water Act of 1972, the island became swarmed by bird. Because of its importance as a bird sanctuary, Shooter’s Island was assigned to Parks on March 3, 1994.

Shooter's Island lies between New York and New Jersey, along the North Shore. Due to New Jersey owning a few acres of Staten Island, New York State paid New Jersey $30,000 for the rights of the entire island.

The island is now closed to the public and is only visited by scientists and government employees. The New York Audubon Society is responsible for wildlife research on the island. (source: NYC Parks)

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