Extreme Makeover: Park Edition

Posted by Tom Crimmins Realty, Ltd. on Wednesday, May 28th, 2014 at 11:30pm.

Picture this: Feeling the wind blow, rustling the leaves on the sky-high trees. No obscene traffic or horrendous car horns whaling over the chirping of birds. Walking a short distance to a quiet place along freshly cut green grass and a variety of colorful flowers. 

Although a relatively small square within a big island, Westerleigh Park plays a large role in its community as the site of countless school performances, field trips, dance lessons, art exhibits, seasonal festivals, and holiday performances. (x)

Westerleigh Park has improved immensely over the years and was even featured in New York Times.

Stephanie Slepian from the Staten Island Advance reported back in November 2013 the park had $1.2 million in capital improvements:

"The redesign is meant to provide a sustainable solution to stormwater-caused erosion at the site," said Borough Parks Commissioner Adena Long. Ms. Long said because of the funds, the Parks Department "was also able to maintain the formal, historic design and visual appearance of the open lawn, and to protect and prune the trees in the park."

In order to trap, absorb and filter pollutants from storm water - rain gardens were planted.

"Additionally, all walkways will be repaved, granite edging installed and paving stones replaced at all of the park’s entrances."

Friends of Westerleigh Park have numerous events for the upcoming summer! Come check out the revamped park while attending one or many of the festivities.

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