Quick Tips For Upcoming Snow Storms

Posted by Tom Crimmins Realty, Ltd. on Tuesday, January 6th, 2015 at 11:23am.

We have not received our first bit of snow this year yet! With these easy tips, you can be prepared for these storms.

Stay Warm

Losing power means losing heat, and that can be a pain for obvious reasons. The first step is to dress warm. Lots of light layers keep you warmer than one big coat. Wear a hat or a hood - your body loses most of its heat through your head. You're in your house, no one is judging you. It’s also important to insulate your house. Put extra weather stripping or towels under the door and windows. You don’t want any drafts getting in.

Keep Your Water Running

It’s important to keep the water running. The water in the pipes will freeze much faster if it isn’t moving. So go to each faucet and tap and turn them on just a little bit, so that they’re barely dripping. That way the water won’t sit still in the pipes and freeze.

Stay In The Loop

On Staten Island, we all have experienced power outages and what is our first instinct? To find the radio, so always keep a battery-powered radio handy. Yes, it seems old-fashioned, but it’s much more comforting knowing the events that are occurring. Remember that most news that keeps you in the know is on the AM stations.

Stock Up

It's like saying, "it's better to be over dressed than under."  When it comes to winter storms - it’s better to be over prepared, than not prepared enough. Keep some extra water and canned foods stored in the house. Have spare flashlights, candles, matches, a camping stove, and maybe some extra gasoline for the car, or generator. 

Winter storms can be a pain in the neck, but a little preparation goes a long way. When the power goes out, it’s nice to know that you have everything you need to get by.

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