Quick Renovations to Add Value to Your Home

Posted by Tom Crimmins Realty, Ltd. on Thursday, October 15th, 2015 at 12:22pm.

While each home is unique, there are a few renovation projects that homeowners could benefit from. In fact, these are a few simple and easy projects that typically can be completed over the course of a weekend and that can add value and desirability to the home.

Replace The Front Door

Curb appeal is a big category that the front door falls in. Replacing an older door that lacks style or that is plagued with signs of wear and tear can improve both property value and curb appeal. Many homeowners who have basic tools and some do-it-yourself experience with other projects will be able to replace the front door without extra help needed from a contractor. If replacement is something you'd like to avoid, try a fresh coat of paint. You can look at these front door paint colors for inspiration.

Update The Kitchen Back Splash

A kitchen is a key selling point in a home, and the back splash is among the most visible features in this space, you can make it into a focal point in the room. Replacing the back splash with stylish tile can improve the look and can instantly make the home more desirable. Head to Pinterest to look at a variety of pictures of kitchen inspos before you get started.

Repaint The Walls And Baseboards

Few things can improve the look of a home more easily than a fresh coat of paint. Whether walls are in need of some TLC or the colors are outdated, applying a fresh coat of paint to walls and baseboards is a simple project to tackle. For the best results, initially focus on the rooms with the most undesirable paint colors, in the most visible rooms of the home or in areas where the paint is in generally poor condition.

Each of these projects can have a dramatic impact on home value and appeal, and each can be completed with minimal time and cost. Before you want to make any renovations, consult one of our trustworthy real estate professional about improvements that may be desirable in a specific home can yield customized information for the homeowner. 

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