Pros and Cons of Solar Energy

Posted by Tom Crimmins Realty, Ltd. on Wednesday, August 9th, 2017 at 2:59pm.

Solar energy is the newest trend happening now. People are starting to invest in solar panels for their house. If you are reading this article you  might be deciding on whether or not to hop on the band wagon with them. Tom Crimmins Realty would like to help you make this decision. Let's start off by explaining what solar energy is. Solar energy converts energy from the sun into electrical energy we can use to power our homes, or at least semi power our homes. It's a great way to recycle energy, but might not be for everyone. Here are some pros and cons about solar energy.

The Pros

Environmentally friendly- Converting the sun's energy into electrical energy is a clean process in which no fumes or other unwanted gases are emitted into the earth as an end result of solar energy. The only time where your panels emit dangerous gasses is during the process of making your solar panels, the steps to assemble them in factories and transportation to be exact. However, you can be sure that installing solar panels will decrease your carbon footprint and once in place and running they are not harming the earth.

Reduce Electricity Bill- Depending on how many solar panels you install it might just reduce your electric bill by only $50 a month and in other cases, eliminate your electric bill altogether. However many states have a program called "Net Metering." Net Metering is a system where homeowners can potentially "sell" their extra unused solar energy. Selling unused solar power back to the grid can in return give you bill credits, as well as tax benefits

Incentives- Occasionally your jurisdictions offer different incentives for solar panel owners. Some of the things they might offer are tax breaks, discounts on your electric bill, and even money when you install your solar panels.

Low Maintenance- Once in place the Solar Panels can be kept for about 20-25 years before needing any hard maintenance. 

Abundant- The sun will never run out as a renewable source in which we can continue to use as long as the sun shines. Even when it is a cloudy day your solar panels will still be able to retrieve power from the sun.

Silent- You may have huge panels on your roof that may be "loud" in sight, but they are silent and you won't even hear them when they are working.

Appearance- Solar panels now come in sleek and compact designs. In the past you can point out a house with solar panels, now they are made to be as discreet as possible. 

The Cons

Inconsistent source- Depending on how tall your house is, the solar panels on your roof may be covered by trees and or taller houses next to yours. If this is your case solar panels might not be right for you.

Initial Cost- Depending on how many solar panels you plan to get installed and how you choose to finance them, it may be very expensive. There are a lot of companies now "renting" panels for a certain number of years. They still will cost thousands of dollars to install. Not only can installation be expensive, but if you decide to move or redo your roof while you are still in contract it can cost you a lot to pay for taking the panels off and also breaking your contract.

Maintenance- Although, solar panels are relatively low maintenance, anything can happen. A storm, hurricane, or kids throwing a ball can damage your solar panels. If the panels are damaged you will need to contact a professional to repair the damage and that may cost you a lot out of pocket being that not a lot of people are qualified to fix solar panels.

Intermittent- The sun is a renewable source, and can still generate power on cloudy days. However, that is only possible during the day when the sun is out, but may not be visually. 

Doing your research is a must before deciding to put solar panels on your house. You may be helping the environment, but it may just not be for you. Solar panels aren't for everyone and are a huge commitment whether you are leasing or buying them. Tom Crimmins Realty hopes this was helpful to you. We hope you contact us to buy or sell homes for you. We can personally set you up with an agent to find the perfect home for you.  

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