Promising Progress in St. George

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St. George Waterfront Wheel Photo supplied by nycedc.comSt. George is a neighborhood located on the northeastern corner of Staten Island. Filled with rich history, culture, and arts, this area has always been in popular demand. Now, with the new developments being made in the area, St. George is becoming the next Williamsburg. 

Current Amenities

At the moment, St. George has a myriad of places to eat, drink, and do fun activities. These places cater to people of all ages and can be done all year round.  

Some of these places to enjoy recreational activities include:

Staten Island Museum

Located at 75 Stuyvesant Place, 10301, this museum is just a short and convenient walk to the Staten Island Ferry. Since it was founded in 1881, this museum has made it its mission to "engage visitors with interdisciplinary and educational programs that explore the dynamic connections between natural science, art, and history based on its diverse collections." They have a variety of exhibitions containing authentic specimens, photographs, and field notes, which they maintain and continue to build upon. 

National Lighthouse Musem

Recently opened in September 2014, this museum is located at 200 The Promenade at Lighthouse Point, 10301. The Lighthouse museum aims to maintain and establish a history museum relating to lighthouses, that is open to the public, through collecting, preserving, and interpreting objects associated with the history and technology of lighthouses. In addition to the historical aspects of this museum, they have entertaining events which are open to the public throughout the year. If you want to learn a bit more about the National Lighthouse Museum check out our blog covering it or visit their website. 

St. George Theater

St. George Theater is a cultural and historic part of St.George that continues to thrive today. It was first opened in December of 1929 at 35 Hyatt Street,10301, and through its history has seen a share of resurgences. Currently, this theater offers a variety of musical and theatrical performances for people of all ages. Coming up in the next few weeks they have performances including, comedian, Brian Regan, The Wizard of Oz, Engelbert Humperdinck, Peppa Pig Live, and more! In addition to these shows, there is the St. George Theater Arts Program which features live educational performance to children from Pre-K to high school. These fun and enriching performances are performed by professional touring companies, which aim to connect the show to what students are learning in class. For more info on the St. George Theater, check out our blog or their website. 

Some lovely restaurants in the area include:


Located at 11 Schuyler Street, this restaurant specializes in authentic Spanish cuisine, comprising of a tapas bar. Beso is also one of 3 restaurants owned by Julian Gaxholli. This common trio is completed by 2 other restaurants, Blue and Bayou, which specialize in Mediterranean and New Orleans creole dishes.

Pier 76

This pizzeria located at 76 Bay Street has a variety of Italian-American dishes, craft beers, and live music, making it a perfect spot to enjoy some free time.

120 Bay Cafe

Located close to pier 76, this restaurant offers a varying menu to please any palette. There night events, music, eclectic artwork, and pool table offer a fun atmosphere to all of its customers. 

New Developments in St. George

As for the new developments that are being made in the St. George area, it won't be long before this area is thriving with things to do. The aim of the St. George Waterfront Redevelopment Project is to transform the waterfront into a dynamic destination, including the tallest Ferris Wheel on the western hemisphere, and high-end outlet retail complex and hotel.

Currently, the Singapore Flyer is the tallest observation wheel in the world; however, soon the newly developing observation wheel will be 89 feet taller than the Flyer, comprising of 36 capsules, each able to carry 40 passengers. It is estimated that the wheel will bring 30,000 riders per day during peak season and an estimated 4.5 million visits per year. Along with this also comes a 950 space parking garage, a new children's playground, and a pedestrian walkway which provides a beautiful scenic view of the waterfront and Manhattan skyline. The new Empire Outlets will be a 340,000- square foot retail complex consisting of 100 designer outlet stores and a 190 room hotel. Below the outlets and hotel, there will be a 1250 space parking garage, making it convenient to tourists and commuters.

Benefits of These Two New Sites

Not only are these sites advantageous to the economic growth of St.George, they will also revive the area into a tourist attraction. It is approximated that they will attract 2 million tourists who already ride the Staten Island Ferry each year. Additionally, it will work to bring more Staten Island residents and visitors from Manhattan and New Jersey to the waterfront as well as other places previously mentioned, such as St. George Theater, Staten Island Museum, etc. In the matter of jobs, the projects together will provide a total of over 1,100 construction jobs and 1,300 permanent jobs.

According to NYCEDC, or New York City Economic Development Corporation, these projects with both enhance and connect to the existing area by achieving these aims:

  • Improve connections from the waterfront to the heart of the civic center area;
  • Consider the adjacent St. George Special District and its goal of establishing a pedestrian-oriented, downtown civic center;
  • Offer an improved and effective pedestrian and vehicle circulation plan, both within the Sites and at their entrances and exits; 
  • Bring people to existing waterfront amenities and provide new waterfront uses, including new and publicly accessible open space; 
  • Enrich the North Shore Esplanade, part of the long-range vision for Staten Island’s North Shore waterfront; and
  • Help to provide the civic hub of the St. George area and Staten Island with an enhanced “sense of place.”

With these new developments expected to open later this year, there is no question that St. George will experience a huge resurgence. If you would like to get a closer view of the action in St. George, Tom Crimmins Realty has expert agents that can help you find exactly what you are looking for! You can visit one of our three offices located at 304 Manor Rd, 282 Nelson Ave, and 111 Main St, or you can give us a call at 718-370-3200.

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