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Project Hospitality has a 30 year history of serving the needs of the poor, hungry and homeless residents of Staten Island, New York. It is the mission of Project Hospitality to reach out to community members who are hungry, homeless or otherwise in need, in order to work with them to achieve their self-sufficiency.

Project Hospitality seeks to realize its mission by advocating for those in need as well as providing a lineup of services that provides the essentials of food, clothing and shelter. They also offer health and mental health services, substance abuse treatment, HIV prevention, domestic violence education and services, immigrant services, vocational training, transitional and permanent housing, legal and financial services and services for at-risk youth.

The organization addresses the needs of more than 26,000 impoverished individuals annually. The service was increasing during difficult economic times, but the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy has left thousands of Staten Islanders with loss of property, homes, and jobs. This exponentially increased the people in need of both the emergency and long term supports provided by Project Hospitality. They are an interfaith effort, committed to serving the needs of hungry and homeless people whenever they possibly can.

They are dedicated to serving people with special needs: those living with HIV and AIDS, using substances, and living with mental illness — with an array of on-site professional services. They offer a comprehensive guide of compassionate care that begins with street outreach, shelter, and soup kitchen and food pantry. These services even extend to treatment, clinical services, and permanent housing.


Project Hospitality is a community-based, not-for-profit agency established in 1982 as an interfaith volunteer emergency response to the history needs of homeless and hungry people in Staten Island, New York. Their volunteer community network implemented life-saving measures to meet the critical needs of homeless persons in the borough by providing emergency outreach, food, clothing, and shelter.

The agency began with a simple food pantry and soup kitchen in 1982, opening the borough’s first overnight voluntary church emergency shelter for homeless men in 1983, followed by a voluntary church-based women’s shelter and year-round men’s shelter in 1984. In 1985, Project Hospitality opened a trailer at the Staten Island Ferry Terminal to provide emergency and referral services to homeless persons who had congregated in the ferry terminal, the only heated public space on Staten Island. The outreach trailer represented the agency’s first city contract, with the then NYC Human Resources Administration. It was through the intake and referral process of this initial drop-in center model that the agency was able to identify the multiple needs of homeless persons coming for help.


It is the mission of Project Hospitality, Inc. to reach out to community members who are hungry, homeless or otherwise in need in order to work with them to achieve their self-sufficiency — thereby enhancing the quality of life for our community. Project Hospitality seeks to realize its mission both by advocating for those in need and by establishing care that begins with the provision of food, clothing and shelter and extends to other services which include health care, mental health, alcohol and substance abuse treatment, HIV care, education, vocational training, legal assistance, and permanent housing.

Having identified the special needs for people on Staten Island, Project Hospitality has developed over the years to meet those special needs while providing the basics of food, clothing, and shelter and developing models of housing that would provide long-term support with the highest level of self-sufficiency possible. 


Project Hospitality’s integrated service delivery program to high risk individuals was profiled by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services in its 1995 National Compendium of Models That Work: An Innovative Primary Health Care Program for Underserved and Vulnerable Populations.

In 1995, the agency was a finalist in the Maxwell Award for Excellence in Housing from the Fannie Mae Foundation.

In 1999, the U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) awarded Project Hospitality the Best Practice Award for Integrated HIV Care.


Project Hospitality is always looking for committed people to join their dedicated team of community volunteers. Community groups of all of types can help support Project Hospitality’s programs. High school groups, scout groups, church youth groups, adult groups, religious groups, senior citizen groups, and civic or corporate groups can partner with them in a variety of ways. Community volunteer positions are available mostly during weekdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. For soup kitchen, food pantry, and Drop-In Center volunteers, they are looking for a minimum commitment of 2 hours per month.


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