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Staten Island has numerous hidden gems. We spotlight locations or upcoming events that families may be interested in checking out or attending.

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Cimex lectularius, also known as the common bedbug, feeds purely on human blood and can be found worldwide. These insects are a major hassle to get rid of, and dangerous to boot.

Found mainly in urban environments, the common bedbug has wreaked havoc among society for millennia. The vampire like bugs are small in size, oval shaped, and a dark brown color, however; they swell up after feeding. They don't fly, but do have small wings and also have beak-like mouths which they pierce the skin with to suck the blood. A healthy female can produce up to 500 eggs during her short life span and produce around two to five eggs per day, making their extermination rather difficult.

These pests are built to be able to hide easily, especially during the during

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Fort Wadsworth is a 226-acre public park. Located on the northeastern part of Staten Island.  First built in 1663; its one of the oldest military sites in the United States of America. This old blockhouse was used by British troops during the American Revolution and later became an infantry station for American soldiers in the early 1900's.To visit here there are no entrance fees, visitors are allowed to roam the grounds,visit the underground tunnels, and go for a ride on the bike trail. Even enjoy a nice picnic in the designated picnic area. The park provides free tours of the forts.

The view is absolutely incredible, you can see the harbor, Verrazano-Narrows Bridge, Brooklyn, and Manhattan from Fort Wadsworth. Its an excellent place to take

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This historic home is one among the row of houses along Westervelt Avenue designated, Horton's Row. The row of houses was constructed between 1880 and 1882 by Harry Horton, a prominent New York City banker and broker. It consisted of twelve identical attached masonry row houses, which were built as an affordable option for middle-class families on Staten Island. However, out of the twelve, 413 Westervelt is one of the four that remained intact.

Horton purchased the land for Horton's Row in 1870, but did not begin its construction until about a decade later. During the time, it was common to see many mansions and large estates among this portion of New Brighton, so Horton decided to create more affordable houses. The buildings are believed to have been

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If you all haven't heard the news, the Crimmins Ale House opened last weekend for a 3-day grand opening on 1144 Forest Avenue, where friends and family gathered to eat good food, reminisce with friends and coworkers, have a great drink and enjoy the atmosphere. SI- Live did a wonderful article on Tom Crimmins Realty's owners Suzanne and Tom Crimmins as well as their son, Tom Crimmins Jr., who are also now the proud owners of a fine ale house where everyone can come to sit back, relax and enjoy a beverage with friends while watching a sports game, sampling quite an incredible selection of beers (No seriously, look at that menu!) and enjoying fabulous paninis. If you want to read more about the grand opening weekend, SI live did a spectacular article on the

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This craftsmen style bungalow home was constructed in West Brighton around 1920. The house received its name as the Mark W. Allen house after Mark Allen, who came to Staten Island as a carpenter and became an owner of a large building supply and construction company. He also served in the New York State senate in 1923-24 and was part of the Goethals Bridge and Outerbridge Crossing's development. He continued to be an active part of his community organizations, and lived in this house until his death in 1958.

This home is one and a half stories on the corner of Clove Road and West Raleigh. Although many craftsmen style bungalows emerged throughout the United States during the time the Mark Allen house was built, not many were constructed on Staten

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Who doesn't love shopping? Okay, there may be a  few "not me's" to that question, but if you do I have got the perfect place for you! Staten Island Mall! This mall is located at 2655 Richmond Avenue, New Springville, Staten Island. This is the perfect place to let loose and go on a full-blown shopping spree. There are over 200 stores located in the mall and it is currently the only indoor shopping center on Staten Island. 

This mall is owned by GGP INC. and opened officially in 1973. There are two floors inside but in the Macys store, there are 3 levels. Here we have a total of 4 anchor tenants; Primark, Macy's, JCPenny, and Sears. The mall is currently under construction and coming this year,2018, there will be a Dave & Busters, Zara, Movie Theater,

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This simple one and a half story home was built in 1810, and was originally located on Richmond Avenue in New Springville. Its earliest known owner was James S. Decker, followed by John DuPuy  and his wife Susan Ann, who lived there with their three children and nephew. In the early 1950s the City of New York took possession of the property, and after the last resident it was boarded up until being brought to Historic Richmond Town in 1965.

How this house received its name

This house reflects many of the residents who lived in New Springville at the time. They partook in not only water relative activities such as oystering, but also part- time farming and basket making. Basket making was one of the many traditional crafts practiced by rural Staten

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In one of the most lavish neighborhoods on Staten Island, Grymes Hill, Casa Belvedere resides there as a cultural inspiration. Previously just a 100 year old home built for prominent members of New York (the granddaughters of the Brooklyn Bridge builder, Louis and Laura Stirn) it has been transformed into an Italian cultural center. Constructed in 1908 the three acre estate was just one of the beautiful homes that were scattered on Staten Island, including the Vanderbilt home not so far from it. Today it has been renamed Casa Belvedere which means “house with a beautiful view” which is arguably perfectly fitting since it has a breath taking view of the New York Harbor as well as the Verrazano Bridge. The home has been a New York City historic landmark

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Dogs can be a wonderful addition to any family! Between the many different breeds and mixes there are, there is surely a brilliant companion out there for you. According to Julien Martinez, a spokesman for the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, "Staten Island has the highest estimated percentage of the population owning one or more dogs - 32 percent." So, in New York City's least populate borough, there are actually more dogs. Officials believe this could be due to the type of housing on Staten Island, which provides more yard space for pets.

While this abundance of dogs can be a positive thing, there are also downsides to having a dog such as the possibility of the dog becoming violent as well as the insurance aspect of being a pet owner. In a

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Being stranded on an island is a terrifying occurrence, however that is never the case on Staten Island. If you're ever feeling like you're stuck in a rut, traveling to and from Staten Island is an easy feat due to its limitless forms and availability of transportation. 

Free Modes of Public Transportation

Free modes of transportation such as the Staten Island Rail Road or the SIRR brings you across the island all the way from South Shore at Tottenville station to the last stop, Saint George Ferry station all the way in North Shore. The last stop on the SIRR connects you to the Saint George Ferry Terminal which is a completely free and convenient ferry terminal that travels to and from Manhattan and Staten Island. From there you can enjoy the

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