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Posted by Tom Crimmins Realty on Thursday, June 28th, 2018 at 1:17pm.

The homebuying process is filled with so many emotions. Excitement, anxiety, hope, concern. One thing task that can be a huge source of stress about when acquiring a new home is the move-in. You have shift your entire life from one space to another, arranging things to fit your new living area. Take the stress off your shoulders by keeping your move efficient and organized. How? Marked crates! Marking and organizing boxes of your household item can be a huge help in assuring that things end up where they belong when you need them.

Before you being, you need your supplies:


Markers: Buy quality marker to label boxes. It may be tempting to steer away from markers on the pricier side, but you want to make sure your writing is clear, dark, and smudge proof to streamline the organizing process. Depending on the weather, a waterproof marker is also a safe option. It may also be helpful to invest in various colored tools, we recommend 5, to keep things tidy. Read on to find out our color-coding secret to make unpacking a breeze.Boxes: Make sure the boxes you will be using are sturdy, solid, and big enough to fit all your items. The last thing you want is a move-in malfunction, and your valuables scattered or broken.

Packing Tape: A good packing tape is also essential to any move. Try and steer clear of duck tape or masking tape, which tend to tear at boxes rather than holding them sturdy. Want a full-proof method to keep those boxes airtight? Try the letter “H” taping method, placing tape across the middle of the box where the opening flaps meet, then along the seams of the flaps perpendicular to the tape along the middle. The end result will resemble the letter “H.” Use this method on both the top and bottom of the box. For heavier loads, go ahead and add an additional “X” over the bottom and top of the box.

Bubble wrap or packing paper: This is essential for handling delicates. Packing paper is used to fill the empty space in a box, to prevent the contents from jostling around while being moved. Bubble wrap, on the other hand, is more often used to wrap delicate items to offer a protective cushion. Both, if used correctly, can be great to keep from cracking valuable items while moving crates are being tossed around.


Start with simple naming to remind you what is in each box. However, be specific enough that you will not have to dig through boxes and boxes to find what you are looking for. For example, instead of “Clothes” try, “Summer Work Clothes.” That way, you know exactly what the box contains.

Along these lines, try prioritizing your boxes by importance. Something like silverware would be a high priority item, so write “HIGH” in big letters on the side of the box. However, your child’s old baseball uniforms might not be at the top of your list, so you can label that “LOW.” This simple method will assure that in the first tumultuous days of your move, you won’t be stuck eating with plastic utensils or wearing the same outfit for days.

Another organizing trick is to number your crates. Often times, when you choose to use a moving company, boxes can be lost in transit or misplaced. Give each box a number (e.g 3 of 7, 4 of 7) that way it is easy to see what is missing. Also, it can make it easier for a mover, who is unfamiliar with your household belongings, to keep inventory.

Another tried-and-true move-in day trick is color coding. Save yourself the hassle of lugging heavy crates from room to room by designating a color for each room, and coloring on the side of the box accordingly. Plates and cups might get the color purple for the kitchen, while the toy box is green for the playroom. This is also great for movers (and very helpful friends!) who can put things where they belong rather than just plopping all the boxes into one big pile in your living room.  


Each box should have labels on the sides (at least 2) and the top. This will allow you to categorize with ease, even when the boxes are stacked on top of one another

Make sure to mention any special moving instructions on the box like “FRAGILE,” “THIS SIDE UP” or “HANDLE WITH CARE” This will serve as a helpful reminder to movers, and save you some piece of mind.

We hope these steps can help keep the chaos of move-in day under control, leaving you more time to enjoy the positives of this new exciting stage in your life. These are just a few trusty tips we, at Tom Crimmins Realty, have learned during our years in the business, and have helped dozens of new homeowners. If you are in the market to sell your home or are looking for a new one, you can contact our office at (718) 370-3200 or online at 

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