Nov. 24, 1903 — St. Vincent’s Hospital in West Brighton opens

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St. Vincent Catholic Medical Centers, West Brighton

Saint Vincent Catholic Medical Centers was founded and directed by the Sisters of Charity of New York from 1903 to 1999. The hospital built its foundation from St. Vincent's Hospital Manhattan; it operated as a 74-bed facility, as well as a soup kitchen. A New York Times article, that was published when St. Vincent's Hospital Manhattan first opened, said what distinguishes the hospital from others in the city is its care for those who were unable to meet fees.

The hospital in West Brighton originally opened to tend to tuberculosis patients and later became a Level 1 Trauma Center. St. Vincent's Hospital was renowned for its care of women and children, delivering over 3,000 babies each year. (x)

It was the first Catholic hospital in New York State to acquire cobalt therapy for the treatment of cancer; the first hospital on Staten Island to offer diagnostic cardiac catheterization; the first to establish a hospice program; and the first to introduce interventional radiology to Staten Island. (x)

The hospital was greatly expanded and modernized over the years. St. Vincent's was the last Catholic general hospital in New York city. The hospital declared bankruptcy and Richmond University Medical Center took over in 2007.

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