Nov. 1, 1683 — Staten Island is first named Richmond County after Duke of Richmond

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King Charles of England named Richmond Country, after Charles Lennox Duke of Richmond, who was Charles II’s illegitimate son.

What's In A Name?

Staten Island, and the other boroughs, became a part of Greater New York City in 1898; Staten Island then became known as the Borough of Richmond. Less then one hundred years later, the Borough of Staten Island suffered another name change. The Borough of Staten Island became the island’s official name in 1975.

There is a rumor that Staten Island became a part of Greater New York City because a New York sailing team beat a New Jersey team when they sailed around the island in one day.

Then And Now

Richmond County was a rural community; it was well known for farms, mills and shell fishing. Although Staten Island seems to thrive of it's service road, we are still the most suburban county in NYC.

The population on in Richmond County was 1,000 by 1700. In 2012, there was a population of 470,728. Although it seems we have a large population, Staten Island is the least populated borough.

Richmond Town is preserved to remember the old Richmond County. It includes some of the oldest homes in its original location.

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