New Dorp: Convenience Near The Shore

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New Dorp is a neighborhood in the Staten Island of New York City. It is located in the east of Staten Island, near the foot of Todt Hill, with Grant City immediately to its north, and Oakwood bordering to the south.


New Dorp finds itself located across the center of one of the busiest streets on the island: Hylan Boulevard. This means that this area makes Brooklyn very accessible to residents of this part of the island. Most people are drawn to the convenience of the train to the ferry, the express bus to Manhattan and shopping. In addition, it is just 20 minutes from Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. The region is filled up with shops and restaurants like Chikurn, Wing World, Something Sweet, Pho, etc, as well as other utilitarian facets of commercial industry. The district runs from Tysens Lane to New Dorp Lane on Hylan Boulevard, includes Hylan Shopping Plaza with a Pathmark supermarket, a Kmart, movie theaters and a Toys ''R'' Us. The New Dorp Post Office, SportsFest, Bowling on the Green, the Gap and Starbucks are other stores that stretch between Hylan Boulevard and Mill Road. But this is not only what the region is made up of. Indeed, a block from the main commercial areas, the streets have a very residential feel with lush, abundant trees, well-kept lawns and comfortable-looking homes. The community in the region is family- friendly and the area is very accessible to public transportation, so the region is liked by people who work in the city or Brooklyn. Neighboring the area, is New Dorp Beach, which still pretty much is New Dorp. So this one area of the island has a big commercial part, residential family houses, and a beach close by. Although the area is well liked, the mid-island setting on the eastern shoreline also has its drawbacks. The most dangerous intersection on Staten Island for traffic accidents is right in the center of the neighborhood at New Dorp Lane and Hylan Boulevard. One of the biggest concerns of the neighborhood is overdevelopment, which translates to more traffic. 

 The region though, is set to undergo some changes in the housing. Increasingly, older homes are being purchased to be knocked down and replaced by two, four, even six semidetached homes. The recent flurry of construction is being attributed to a community zoning change that is expected to be enacted in November or December that would make it impossible to build attached housing. The proposed regulation would ultimately allow only one- or two-family detached homes to be built on Staten Island, rather than semidetached or town houses.

 Residents express considerable satisfaction with schools in the neighborhood. P.S. 41 on Clawson Street, which had 737 students this past year, offers pre-kindergarten through Grade 5. The George L. Egbert Intermediate School 2 on Midland Avenue, with 1,200 students last year, had an unusually large graduating class in June. Staten Island Technical High School at 485 Clawson Street, with 715 students, is a college prep school that accepts students on the basis of test scores and grades. New Dorp High School, at 465 New Dorp Lane, with 1,800 students, offers advanced placement courses in biology, calculus and history.Religious schools in the neighborhood are Our Lady Queen of Peace, offering kindergarten through eighth grade, and the Christian Academy, offering pre-kindergarten to Grade 8.

 New Dorp is by the Staten Island Railway's New Dorp station at New Dorp Lane and New Dorp Plaza. New Dorp is also by numerous express and local bus routes. This includes the S57, S74, S76, S78, S84, S86, S79, and the X1, X2, X3, X4, X5, X7, X8, X9 and X15 express buses.

A History

New Dorp was founded in 1671 following the English resurveying the pre-existing Dutch settlement of Old Town and expanded the lots along the South Shore, which were then settled primarily by Dutch families. The new village developed into one of the largest and most important settlements on Staten Island, and during the American Revolution it became a center of activity when it was occupied by British forces in preparation to attack the American-occupied New York City. The Rose and Crown Tavern in New Dorp, owned by the uncle of Cornelius Vanderbilt, temporarily served as the local British military headquarters. In the late 19th century, New Dorp became the home to members of the prominent Vanderbilt family, many of whom are buried in the Moravian Cemetery, the largest and oldest active cemetery on Staten Island. On January 1, 1898, New Dorp was consolidated as part of New York City along with the entirety of Staten Island as the Borough of Richmond. New Dorp continued to be one of the primary settlements on Staten Island until the 1960s, when the suburbanization of New York City began to expand into the island. 


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