Make Your Staten island Home Healthier & Safer

Posted by Tom Crimmins Realty, Ltd. on Sunday, June 12th, 2016 at 1:31pm.

You may think your Staten Island home is the safest on the block and you don't need to improve anything; but I'm sure there are still some facts you may have not have known about. Here are some great (and possible unknown ways) to make your Staten Island home healthier and safer:

(Mostly) Invisible Hazards 

Lead: Up to 20% of lead exposure comes from tainted water by contaminated pipes. Invest in faucet filters, they are inexpensive and can be found in Target, Walmart, etc.

Mold: Mold falls into the mostly visible hazards. It is a fungus that can cause respiratory and immune system issues. Mold grows in moist areas in your house, like a not so well vented closet. You can purchase moisture and odor eliminator bags at cheap prices as well.

Humidifiers: Going off on mold, humidifiers can be a collector. If they are not properly maintained, you can be guaranteed a build up of bacteria and mold.

Furnace: You should replace the furnace's filter regularly to avoid airflow restrictions. If the filter is not changed out regularly, the furnace might overwork itself and your family and you will be at risk of carbon monoxide leakage.

Look out for these germ collectors


Put moist sponges in the microwave for 2 minutes to kill bacteria.


Break out the bleach, and soak!


If removable - soak and wash these suckers in hot soapy water.

Fire Fundamentals

Space Heaters: Ideal, they are save you money on your utility bill, but they are a prime cause of home fires. Search a newer model has an automatic power saver; so when it over heats, it will turn off.

Electrical cord: Do not MacGyver any broken electronics! Replace any electronics or electrical cord that are damaged.

Matches: Avoid house fires by dampen cigarette butts and ashes before discarding. Same goes to all the candle lovers - after lighting your candle, run the match under water before throwing out. Don't leave candles on for long hours and overnight.  

Pesky Pests

Mosquitoes: A DIY repellent is the lemon eucalyptus oil. The oil contains a chemical that repels mosquitoes and kills fungus. Fun fact, Vicks VapoRub contains lemon eucalyptus oil.

Ants: Some natural pesticides you can leave around the house to attack ants are: bay and/or neem leaves, cloves, cinnamon, oranges, baking soda, and cayenne peppers. If you have a bowl of food on the floor for a pet - mix vinegar and water in a spray bottle and squirt around the food bowls.

Pantry Moths: Similar to ant prevention, you can put bay leaves in cabinets. Also, wiping white vinegar on shelves and do the trick.

Bees: Don't thinking of removing them on your own. Please search for a local professional and let them do their job.

Tricking Burglars

Avoid Social Media: In this day and age, we want all our friends and followers to know where we are on vacation, how much of a great time you're having away from our home. But this is a burglar's jackpot! You are publicizing your home's vacancy, leaving it open to unwanted guests.

Identity Thieves: Don't let your mail linger outside for too long. Identity thieves can go through your mailbox and take personal information. Look into locking mailboxes to avoid the inevitable.

Neighbors: And for some old-fashion advice - just ask your neighbors to look over your home while you're away.

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