June 2015 Staten Island Real Estate Market Recap

Posted by Tom Crimmins Realty on Wednesday, July 22nd, 2015 at 3:44pm.

It has been another year, and much has changed in Staten Island's real estate market. Here are a few charts that show the changes that occurred between June of 2014 and June of this year.

The chart above shows that there has been a healthy increase in monthly sales. Last year, 307 properties were sold in the month of the July, compared to 340 this year.

This chart shows that there was a slight increase in the average sale price in Staten Island over the last year.

MonthYearMonthly SalesMonthly VolumeAvg Sale Median Sold 
June 2014 307 $134,051,951 $436,651 $382,500

MonthYearMonthly SalesMonthly VolumeAvg Sale Median Sold 
June 2015 340 $149,489,740 $439,675 $420,000

In conclusion, much has changed over the last year. Staten Island's real estate market is in a boom and it's a great time to relocate into a new home! If you are looking to list your house, don't hestitate to call our office at 718-370-3200.

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