Westerleigh Improvement Society January 2016 Voice Recap

Posted by Tom Crimmins Realty on Saturday, February 6th, 2016 at 2:41pm.

Our friends, Westerleigh Improvement Society, released January's Voice of Westerleigh newsletter. Below is a small recap.

As a friendly reminder of what Westerleigh Improvement Society does: the association aims to address concerns in the community and preserve the beauty of Staten Island Westerleigh through ongoing projects. Ongoing projects are discussed at monthly meetings and are mentioned in The Voice of Westerleigh.

The Jewett Avenue Sewer Project is almost at full completion. The project is to relieve severe and continual flooding in the Staten Island Westerleigh neighborhood. The project is expected to by finished by Spring 2016.

There have been requests to plant street trees by the Parks Department in the Westerleigh neighborhood. If any resident wish an evaluation of a location for a new tree, or a location of any remaining street tree stumps, email the Westerleigh Improvement Society at wis_si@yahoo.com.

For the hoarders who are looking to start their spring cleaning, the Department of Sanitation has announced programs that will take care of e-waste

Our condolences goes to the family of Evelyn Otten MacDonald. She was the Westerleigh Improvement Society's secretary for the past 20 years and a registered nurse who worked for the Visiting Nurse Association of Staten Island.

The oldest and largest civic group on Staten Island continues to make strides in the community. Westerleigh Improvement Society has ongoing projects and upcoming events to keep an eye out for.

The first Tuesday of every month, Westerleigh Improvement Society meets at the Immanual Union Church for a visual special presentation by Vice President Mark Anderson, followed by regular monthly meeting regarding topics in the community.

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