Buying a Home | Investing in The Neighborhood

Posted by Tom Crimmins Realty on Sunday, February 28th, 2016 at 2:10pm.

Buying a Staten Island home? You need to consider that you aren't only buying a home - you are buying a Staten Island neighborhood, a school zone and neighbors. So start playing detective to ensure that not only your future house could be the home of all your real estate dreams but be sure that it is a neighborhood you will love also!

Think outside the box and really look into the Staten Island area you're interested in. Buy a cup of coffee and stake out (so to speak) your potential new Staten Island home and neighbors. Take strolls along the block at different times of the day. On a lax weekend, observing the neighborhood and getting a vibe will tell you a lot about the area's real estate owner's and tenants. Do the neighbor's interact or wave to each other?

Talk to any neighbor about the homes and community, have a conversation with the local sanitation worker, mail carrier, newspaper carries or utility person. Speak with a rep from the Staten Island local schools. Understand the local transportation in the area of the house and it's convenience and close proximity. Speak with the local pastor or priest at the nearby churches. Is there a local community board or civic association? If so, attend a meeting. Ask question or contact one of the volunteers. 

You're not only investing in a home, but you're investing in the Staten Island neighborhood that you surround yourself with. 

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