Home Inspection Report When and Why

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By: Daniel Boxman of United Northern, NMLS ID# 1077102

Once your offer has been accepted, but before you sign your Contract of Sale, it is very important to get your home Inspected by a qualified home inspector. This is a very important step in the home buying process. 

The home inspection consists of a very detailed look throughout the home. The main goal of a home inspection is to make sure that the home is safe to live in. For example, the inspector will take a close look at the roof to make sure it is well intact. They will also check to see if there is any structural or mechanical damage such as broken heating systems, or a collapsing floor. The basement will be checked for cracks and damage as well as your toilets and more. A termite report is usually needed as well, which you can have the home inspector do at the time of inspection to save you time and money. This isn’t required but it is generally cheaper compared to contracting a separate termite inspection agency. 

It is very important to follow the inspector and take notes on what he is observing. Some issues may not arise now, but can turn into problems in the future, especially in older homes. It is important to be educated and prepared for possible future maintenance that you will need and how to avoid problems if possible. 

An inspection is also another tool you can have in your back pocket for sale negotiation purposes. Damage that needs to be fixed on the home can be negotiated to have the seller pay for them or to even have the purchase price of the home lowered to compensate for the maintenance work needed. 

Pay attention to detail. It is essential to know what kind of shape your future home is in before you move in. Knowing very well what type of situation you are in will put you in a great position when you start planning your future in the house.

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