Staten Island Home Improvement Tips for Outdoors

Posted by Tom Crimmins Realty, Ltd. on Friday, September 14th, 2018 at 3:44pm.

Why Should We Care About the Outdoors of our Staten Island Homes?

The great outdoors are part of our everyday lives. We have to go to work, school, run errands, etc., but these activities can be very stressful and tedious from time to time. It can ruin our image of the outdoors. On the other hand, people love to go outside and want to not be stress when going out. So, we tend to purchase homes with our own outdoor area. For most people, the outdoors of our homes are just a section of a lot that is surround by fences or a simple balcony. The ground can be cover in grass or cement; it is our decision. But, we should try to make it relaxing as possible. The outdoors is a place where our kids, pets, friends, family members go out to play and enjoy the fresh air. So, how can we improve it?

Tips For Improving Our Outdoor Living Space:

1. Umbrellas

Many people tend to not buy umbrellas because they are a waste of space or it isn't in their priority list. However, this simple item can make a huge difference in our outdoor area. For instance, there are times when we are suffering in the heat of the bright yellow sun. We get really tired and exhausted for the excess heat. Umbrellas can provide us shade under the hot sun, so you can watch your kids or pets play while you sit and drink that fresh cold lemonade under the shade of the umbrella. Furthermore, umbrellas are aesthetically pleasing to look at. We don't have to purchase the plain, old, simple,or boring umbrella. We can purchase festive, fun, colorful, or creative umbrellas with designs of our liking. Umbrellas make a huge improvement in our outdoor area with its protection, purpose, and design. 

2. Canopies 

If you didn't like the concept of adding umbrellas into your outdoor area, there is another alternative: canopies! Canopies also protect us from the hot sun and provide us shade. But, it is much larger in size in comparison to one umbrella. In addition, you can have multiple tables, chairs, seats, or sofas under one canopy. They are more expensive than umbrellas depending on their size, quality, endurance, brand, etc. But, it makes your outdoor area feel more comfortable than ever. You can sit in a chair, breath the fresh air, watch your kids or pets roam around, or relax in the shade, while you are under the canopy.

3. Chairs 

The most important furniture on our priority list. These can differentiate from the different types of rooms in our house. Thus, there are some specific ones for outdoors. The chairs are mostly called patio chairs, and they are for sitting in the outdoors. We don't want to buy chairs made out of cotton, linen, or synthetic microfiber fabrics like the sofas specific for living rooms. We want to buy chairs made out of woods, synthetics like plastic or resin wicker, ABS, or metals like aluminum, steel or wrought iron, which are the materials for patio chairs. Choosing the right chair makes a tremendous improvement in our outdoor area!

4. Grill or any other Outdoor Food Equipment

These accessories are entirely up to you to have. It makes the outdoor area feel more welcoming because it shows our willingness to host barbecues or any outdoor parties. Many people like to own grills to celebrate our national holidays like Fourth of July, Memorial Day, etc. with a barbecue. Grills come in many different materials, so it depends on your color scheme of your outdoor area for the type of grill that you should purchase. In the end, these furniture are for cooking food and allowing you to enjoy eating outside in the fresh air.  

If we choose the right furniture, we can make our outdoor area super comfortable for relaxing, throwing parties, playing, or even sitting! Take a stress free moment in the outdoors! 

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