Hey R.J. Barrett, FUHGEDDABOUD the Other Boroughs! Staten Island is the Place To Live!

Posted by Tom Crimmins Realty on Thursday, June 27th, 2019 at 2:08pm.

(A Letter To R.J. Barrett)


Leaving Brooklyn


Now, I know a young man from Canada, like yourself, may not know what that scramble and bunched-up array of letters means, and I’m sure you’re thinking it can't possibly be a word, right? Well, it is, but that’s okay if you’re not quite sure what it means. It comes from a very unique language, us, inhabitants of New York call “New Yorker.”

In fact, it’s a language much like your game and style of play. It’s fast, it’s loud, it’s confident, and it combines a variety of words (skills), at once, that make it hard to understand, or, in your case, hard to guard.

So, If you’re reading this, R.J., then let us be the first to share a lesson of how to speak “New Yorker,” and to welcome you to New York; congratulations on being drafted in this year’s NBA draft. We are sure it is a dream come true for you and your family!

Wu-Tang Vlan

That word up there ^^^ that you’re still trying to figure out the meaning behind, well, let us decipher it for you. It means, “Forget About,” as in “Forget About It,” more specifically, forget about the other cities in New York and think about making STATEN ISLAND your HOME COURT! It’s been Home Court to a wide variety of celebrities including the legendary Wu-Tang Clan, former New York Mets’ pitcher, John Franco, world renowned chef, Bobby Flay, and the most recent celebrity who has risen to fame, Saturday Night Live’s very own, Pete Davidson.

Staten Island Golf

Staten Island is dubbed the “Borough of Parks” for its large number of parks that give it a suburban feel you can’t quite get in Manhattan, or Brooklyn. All of this open space of beautiful land has made it ideal for the construction of many Golf Courses, which we know your GodFather, Steve Nash, would absolutely love! There are 4 golf courses, in particular, on the Island so he will have quite the array to choose from. However, don’t worry we aren’t trying to sell you on this beautiful Island based off our golf courses! We are trying to sell you on the Island as a whole! (BTW the church from the movie, “The Godfather” can also be found on Staten Island!) There is no other place in New York where you can enjoy the New York lifestyle like Staten Island. OH! And did I mention we actually have convenient parking?

Think of us as the sleeper in your real estate draft! We got the food thats comparable to Manhattan and Brooklyn, the community and housing that rivals all of New York for a fraction of the price you would see in Manhattan…and most importantly, we have a WHOLE bunch of Knicks fans.

We are still apart of New York City while also being a bit secluded, making us the overlooked, yet desirable player in this draft. The seclusion allows you to live the New York City lifestyle to the fullest while also having your privacy and giving you a calm, peaceful place to call HOME. One ferry ride will get you to Manhattan and you are only one bridge away from Brooklyn. No matter where you go, a simple Uber ride will get you home. So when you’re out with your teammates exploring the nightlife (when you turn 21, of course), you can certainly live it up and explore all New York has to offer, and then when it’s time to call it a night, the bright lights and loud environment of Manhattan might not be the best thing for a professional athlete trying to get some sleep. It’s a lot more peaceful falling asleep looking out to the City skyline then it is being in the middle of it.

Staten Island

Think of Staten Island as being your ability to live a double life. We can be your Earvin to your Magic Johnson. Magic was the stud on the court who simply inflicted fear into opposing teams, yet Earvin was his alter-ego that was the guy on the outside of the NBA lifestyle. It was a split in his mentality that allowed him to regroup and recalibrate his life; almost like a switch that was turned on and off. We can be the R.J. to your “Maple Mamba” that will be flourishing in the league. We can be your calm as you prepare to bring about a storm on the league. We are your escape from the celebrity, attention-driven NYC life. We can be your tranquil place that you can go to unwind. Everyone loves the city, there’s no question about it, but not everyone loves staying in the city. We can be that sleeper in the draft for you that turns into a Hall of Famer; your Home.

Staten island is so community-driven do, in fact, to it’s size. It’s population is almost one-third of the population of any other borough, which means you won’t feel so bombarded by people. It’s a place where word travels fast so your ability to grow your personal brand will most likely travel even faster. Also, it is such a BASKETBALL-MINDED community, having one of the most organized CYO basketball leagues in all of New York, and being home to over 10 AAU basketball programs. The love for the game Staten Islanders have lies deep in their hearts, much like the love they have already shown for you.

Once you begin to lace ‘em up on the court in the blue and orange just know that we have one of the strongest Knicks’ fan-bases in all of the Big Apple! It is home to New York City’s longest running 3on3 basketball tournament, The Richard Willis Memorial 3on3 Basketball Tournament, and it is home to Wagner College, a Staten Island school that way back in the day, (1983), actually defeated your very own Duke Blue Devils! In fact, Staten Island and Duke basketball already have quite a connection. Wagner was even coached by former Duke Point Guard Bobby Hurley Jr.’s brother, Dan Hurley. The Duke/Staten Island connection is a strong one, already, but you living here would be the best DUKE/STATEN ISLAND connection to date!

All in all, you have the chance to be at the forefront of the Knicks resurrection, however, you also have the chance to give the “forgotten borough” (Staten Island) something to be remembered by…and that, R.J., is the stuff of legends.  <--(WATCH THIS LINK!)



Alec Willis (Head Social Media Marketer - Long Time Basketball Fan #BallisLife)


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