Everything You Should Know about the HOA

Posted by Tom Crimmins Realty, Ltd. on Friday, March 10th, 2017 at 3:48pm.

What is the HOA?

The Homeowners' Association (HOA), is an organization that is common among many developments such as gated communities, or housing subdivisions. The association is generally comprised of homeowners who have volunteered to serve as members of the HOA board. Therefore, they are responsible for providing regulations for the maintenance of the community, that residents within the community adhere to. With these regulations also come HOA fees, which pay for the upkeep of common areas around the neighborhood. According to the Community Associations Institute, about 20% of Americans live in a community that is regulated by a homeowners, condo associations, or co-op board.

What Exactly Do HOA Fees Cover?

The HOA fees can range from about $50 to $400 a month. The fees can differ depending on the area the home is and if there are more up-scale amenities. They commonly cover the maintenance of areas such as elevators, pools, clubhouses, parking areas, sidewalks, landscaping, etc. Not only does this keep the community looking its best, it also saves the hassle of having to maintain these areas yourself. Becoming a member of the Homeowners' Association is not something you choose, it is automatic when you buy a home that is within a community regulated by a HOA. For many people, this mandatory participation is a controversial matter. Some residents love having a tidy and well-maintained community, where as some people like to have more freedom to control certain aspects of their home and direct area. If enough members of the community got together and requested it, they could also join the HOA for the benefits of being members of the association.

What are the Pros and Cons of HOA?


  1. As stated previously, homeowner associations manage common areas such as swimming pools, courts and other recreational areas, landscaping, etc.
  2. The HOA board can become a mediator in problems that may occur between neighbors. They can assist residents in settling their problems in a calm and simple manner. 
  3. Besides mediating issues, this associaiton can also help people within the community to get to know their neighbors and gain a better overall understanding of their neighborhood. 


  1. The HOA sets certain standards for your home such as where you can park, the landscaping of your lawn, and even how you decorate your home's exterior.
  2. Having to pay a monthly fee can add up especially if the fee is more expensive, so, it is important to make sure you include this fee into your budget.
  3. HOA fees must be paid every month, or depending on when they are due in your community. For some this may not be a problem, however for others who tend to run behind, not paying HOA fees can lead to foreclosure. 


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