Quick Ideas to Enhance Home and Aesthetic Value

Posted by Tom Crimmins Realty, Ltd. on Monday, July 21st, 2014 at 4:46pm.

As homeowners, we are always searching for ways to enhance our home and aesthetic value. Don't despair if you are short on cash. You can still have a beautiful home. Sometimes a little elbow grease is a decent replacement for extravagant money, and other times you can get great deals by shopping around for items that are costly. 


Wooden floors look great but before you pay an arm and a leg, know that there is no hard data to support that hardwood flooring provides greater resale value to a house than other types of floor coverings. (x) Liz Weintraub, from About's Guide to Home Buying and Selling, says: notably bamboo and Brazilian cherry will provide greater intrinsic value to a home. 

Go Green

It's no surprise that we - and everyone - loves being a little eco-friendly. The benefits of going green and green living can extend aethetic value and the life of your house. If you decide to start a garden - flower beds can be a very attractive addition to any home. Flower beds don’t necessarily require a profusion of costly flowers that need to be fertilized, mulched, covered in severe weather and possibly re-planted on a yearly basis. 

Front Door

A new front door can instantly enhances a home's appearance and increase its resale value. A recent study by door manufacturer
Therma-Tru found that upgrading the front door of a house increased the perceived value of a $190,000 home by almost $8,000. Estimates for new entry doors start around $2,500, so you could actually make back triple the money you spend. (x)


A fresh coat of paint can do wonders and always is attractive and noticeable to the eyes. It's never too late to pull out the primer and paint for the summer.


Let there be light! What's worse than feeling trapped in four walls? In the world of home lighting, you'll soon realize just how many options are available to you that will surely increase your home's appeal. Creating a warm and welcoming space, especially one as significant as the living room, is key to ensuring that your home shows well and is something that prospective homebuyers love. 

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