Family Matters: Choosing the Perfect Home for Your Growing Family

Posted by Tom Crimmins Realty on Thursday, May 5th, 2016 at 1:24pm.

Selecting the right Staten Island home to purchase for a family is a monumental task, and this process can seem even more challenging for those with a large or growing family. While choosing the perfect home for a large or growing family is not easy, the process can be broken down by focusing on a the below points.

Focus On Storage Space

When a large family does not have adequate storage space in closets, the attic, the garage and your cabinets, their items will likely find a home on the counters, on the floor and in other undesirable locations. Staten Island home buyers can consider looking for a home that has more storage space than is needed right now to ensure that the new home can accommodate growing needs over the years.

Think About Function Over Size

Many people who are looking a new Staten Island home will focus on finding a home that has a specific minimum square footage or a minimum number of bedrooms, but function is generally more important. For example, if a home has bar-style seating at the kitchen counter, the family may not need as large of a breakfast room to accommodate its needs. Your family may also get more use out of a home that has a second living area, such as a game room, rather than a formal dining room that may rarely be used.

Choose The Right Floor Plan

Reviewing the floor plan of the home. Home buyers should consider how they live and their likes and dislikes about their current space to determine which floor plan is best for them.

Deciding which home to purchase is rarely easy to do, but your skilled real estate agent can assist home buyers with this process. Those who are searching for a new home for a large or growing family can call one of our trusted local real estate agent for further assistance.

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