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Posted by Tom Crimmins Realty, Ltd. on Saturday, February 17th, 2018 at 10:58am.

The Britton Cottage is located at the foot of Court Place. It was originally located in New Dorp Beach but was moved to Historic Richmond Town in 1965. This is a one and a half story wood-framed house that was built around the 1670's. Additions to the house were made to the house later on. The house was first conveyed to Obadiah Holmes in 1677, Holmes was a clerk. It was believed that the house was used as a public building as well as a residential living area. In 1695 the cottage was conveyed to Nathaniel and Elizabeth Britton, they helped establish the English Presbyterian Church in Staten Island,1729.  They lived in the cottage until 1714. Thomas Walton then resided in the cottage and few more people after. Eventually it was inherited by Harriet Lord Britton. After she passed, her son Dr.Nathaniel Britton owned the house and lived there with his wife for a few years.

Eventually he deeded the house to Staten Island Institute of Art and Sciences. In 1951 the house was then transfered to Staten Island Historical Society. The house is currently not available to the public due to needing restorations. For more information click the link down below.

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