10 Apps That Will Make Your Real Estate Needs Easier

Posted by Tom Crimmins Realty, Ltd. on Tuesday, July 8th, 2014 at 12:52pm.

When you are constantly on the go, the best information is the kind you can access at the touch of your finger. You constantly read reviews and waste time on apps to see which works best. These are 10 apps that will make your real estate experience easier.

1. Evernote: Have too many business cards and want to consolidate? Brought to us by LinkedIn - Evernote allows you to transfer scans of business cards and the app will transcribe the cards into a detailed contact list. You can also send LinkedIn requests using the information provided. Perfect for networking! Originally CardMunch (which will be discontinued as of July 11).


2. DocuSign: "The complete solution for managing real estate transaction." You can sign documents, send documents out for signature, gather signatures in-person, monitor document status, access completed documents and much more.


3. Haiku Deck: Powerpoint presentations are quick, clean and accessible. Haiku Deck makes it simple for anyone to produce sophicated slides, with minimal time and effort. 

4. MagicPlan: It's time to make floor plan measurements! The Magic Plan app scans your room and asks for certain areas and corners of a room and maps a floor plan for you from the points you provide. 

5. Open Home Pro: Open Home Pro can be any agents new bff. Manage all walk-ins at open houses. Followup with leads. Create listing pages that buyers can leave feedback on or get in touch with you with one click. Export any collected data to excel or a CRM.

6. 360Panorama: Want to capture the perfect landscape? Simply tap the screen and pan your phone or tablet in any direction. When you captured the perfect panoramic picture, save and share online.

7. Hootsuite: Everyone has multiple social media accounts, and it can be a little troublesome to manage. This trust apps allows you to combine accounts such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. You can post the same status to all sites with just one click.

8. WalkScore: The goal is to make it easy to evaluate walkability and transportation in the neighborhood people live in or within the surround area.

9. Vert: Being the only country who does not follow the Metric System can be difficult some times. Vert is a unit conversion app which can come in handy when filling out dimensions on listing papers. The app offers different categories including (but not limiting to) angles, currency, and energy.

10. HammerPoint: This app allows you to quickly create detailed repair estimates for any job. The app will auto fill a description of work needed and offer a suggested cost. HammerPoint would be helpful for house flippers who are about to considering remodeling. 

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