Basket Maker's House | A Staten Island Historical Home

Posted by Tom Crimmins Realty, Ltd. on Saturday, January 13th, 2018 at 11:26am.

This simple one and a half story home was built in 1810, and was originally located on Richmond Avenue in New Springville. Its earliest known owner was James S. Decker, followed by John DuPuy  and his wife Susan Ann, who lived there with their three children and nephew. In the early 1950s the City of New York took possession of the property, and after the last resident it was boarded up until being brought to Historic Richmond Town in 1965.

How this house received its name

This house reflects many of the residents who lived in New Springville at the time. They partook in not only water relative activities such as oystering, but also part- time farming and basket making. Basket making was one of the many traditional crafts practiced by rural Staten Islanders. By mid-century , James A. Morgan built a basket workshop which he operated for more than 50 years, therefore giving this home its name as Morgan house, or Basket Maker's House. It was designated an official New York city landmark in 1969 and is open to visitors in Historic Richmond Town.

This historic home gives us a little glimpse of Staten Island's living history of the 20th century. Stay tuned to our website to see the multitude of other historical landmark homes located throughout Staten Island.



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